a patient’s guide to the Resensation® surgical technique

A breast cancer or BRCA diagnosis can make it feel like you’ve lost control over your health. Decisions need to be made, family needs to be told, treatment needs to start, surgery needs to be scheduled. With all these needs driving you forward, it can be easy to lose sight of your own needs in the process. Especially your life-after-surgery needs.

Expanding the Scope of Breast Reconstruction to Include Sensation: An Interview with Dr. Warren Ellsworth

We’ve started trying to restore sensation for women who are undergoing breast reconstruction using their own (autologous) tissue. I most commonly do this during DIEP flap reconstruction, which is when I take skin and fat from the abdomen to create new breasts. I form the abdominal tissue into a flap and move it to the chest. Then, I hook up the arteries and veins in the flap with those in the chest to give life to the tissue. At the same time, we can actually reconnect the nerves too.