What to Expect in Recovery from Breast Neurotization with ReSensation™

While choosing to have a mastectomy is a difficult decision, it’s followed by many other questions. Will you have breast reconstruction? What type will you have? What is recovery like?

As you weigh your reconstruction options, one factor to consider is whether you want to explore the possibility of having sensation restored to your breasts as part of your reconstructive surgery. Women often experience permanent numbness in their breasts post-mastectomy because the nerves in the chest area are severed during the procedure. However, women who choose free flap (autologous) breast reconstruction using their body’s own tissue now have the opportunity to potentially restore sensation with an advanced technique called ReSensation.

What is Breast Neurotization with ReSensation™ ?

If you’re online researching mastectomy after breast cancer, you’ll find lots of helpful articles to help you navigate through this difficult time. You’ll read about what to expect, caring for your incision, taking the right medications, eating well, resting and your breast reconstruction options. But you probably won’t find much information about the loss of sensation in your chest or the numbness left over from surgery.