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Changing the paradigm of breast reconstruction

A diverse group of doctors and medical professionals discuss a treatment plan together
The Importance of Shared Decision-Making in Breast Reconstruction

After a mastectomy, many women feel relieved to be cancer-free and look forward to focusing on their future and simply…

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Ensuring Women Know About All of Their Breast Reconstruction Choices: A Conversation with Dr. Kamran Khoobehi

With over 20 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kamran Khoobehi has distinguished himself with his aesthetic and…

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Dr. Ivica Ducic and his surgical team perform autologous breast reconstruction with Resensation on a patient.
Restoring Sensation After Breast Reconstruction: An Interview with Axogen Medical Director, Ivica Ducic, MD, PhD

Reconstruction has been limited to size, shape, softness and symmetry,” said Axogen Medical Director Dr. Ivica Ducic. “I believe reconstruction…

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Dr. Constance Chen discusses Resensation and breast reconstruction options for women after mastectomy during an interview in an office at her surgical practice
Why Restoring Sensation May Be the Next Frontier of Breast Reconstruction: An Interview with Constance M. Chen, MD

Women choose to have a mastectomy as a life-saving measure, but they are often dismayed to find their breasts are…

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Tara’s Story: After a Decade of Numb Breasts, Sensation Returns

Tara lived for a decade with the implants. Around the 10-year mark, Tara noticed her breasts starting to look uneven….

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Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy: Factors to Consider

Research shows the number of women choosing reconstruction has risen significantly over the past several decades. In 1998, 46% of…

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Woman hugs her young daughter inside their home
What to Expect in Recovery from Breast Neurotization with resensation®

While choosing to have a mastectomy is a difficult decision, it’s followed by many other questions. Will you have breast…

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What is Breast Neurotization with resensation® ?

If you’re online researching mastectomy after breast cancer, you’ll find lots of helpful articles to help you navigate through this…

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Returning sensation and changing the paradigm of breast reconstruction

Undergoing a mastectomy can present a life-saving opportunity for women faced with breast cancer. Yet mastectomies come with long-term side…

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Toni’s Story

How Resensation helped one woman reclaim normalcy after cancer.

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