thoughtful gifts for the breast cancer thriver

19 Dec 2019

Many women are showered with love and concern when they’re first diagnosed with breast cancer, but as time goes by, friends and family reach out less and less. Unfortunately, the cancer journey is difficult no matter which phase you’re in, and it’s easy to feel forgotten. This holiday season give your friend or family member a thoughtful gift to remind her that you’ll be there for every part of her journey.

gifts for someone in treatment

online food delivery service
When a friend enters treatment, your first thought might be to whip up one of her favorite dishes. However, a lot of patients can’t eat certain foods. A gift card to an online food delivery service lets your loved one pick out what she wants while saving her a trip to the store.

cleaning service
Treatment can result in serious fatigue. Help tackle your friend’s to-do list so she can spend any remaining energy resting and recovering.

cozy blanket
Chemotherapy and radiation facilities are often chilly places. Provide your friend warmth, and the comfort of something familiar, with a soft throw or blanket. Look for one that’s not too bulky, so it’s easy to tote back and forth.

Provide your loved one an escape from treatment with a good pair of headphones. She’ll appreciate being able to listen to a movie or music without (fingers crossed) being disturbed.

gifts for someone post-reconstruction

bedside storage organizer
Recovery from reconstruction often means a lot of time spent resting in bed, not to mention the inability to lift your arms above your head. Make your friend more comfortable with an organizer that lets her keep everything she needs close at hand, without having to lift a finger.

adult coloring book
Lying in bed can get really boring really fast. Treat your friend to some calming (and colorful) self-care. Finally, an excuse to color the day away.

button-up satin pajamas
After surgery, range of motion may be very limited. Button-up pjs will make it easier for your loved one to undress herself without lifting her arms. Satin’s silkiness will feel good on her skin, but it can also help her slide in and out of bed more easily.

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gifts for someone in remission

massage/spa gift certificate
The healing power of touch is important. It’s also something cancer patients can’t always take advantage of due to heightened sensitivity and pain. Help your friend make up for it with some long overdue pampering.

diffuser and essential oils
Surround your friend with great smells and good vibes. A little aromatherapy can go a long way.

a donation in their name
For a friend who insists they have everything they want or need, you may want to consider recognizing them by sending a donation in their name to an organization that they are passionate about.

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