Introducing Resensation®

A New Technique Designed To PotentiallyRestore Sensation After A Mastectomy

A reconstructed breast that feels natural to your partner is great.

A reconstructed breast that feels natural to you is even better.

Ask your plastic reconstructive surgeon if Resensation can help restore sensation for you.

get back the feeling.®

We often talk about the four ‘S’s’ of breast reconstruction: size, shape, softness and symmetry. We think there should be a fifth – sensation.

Karen Zaderej
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Axogen

Up until now, nobody really talked about loss of sensation post-mastectomy. We want to ensure that women are aware that it can happen, but also that there is an opportunity to restore feeling with Resensation.

Ivica Ducic, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Axogen

Women have a right to breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, but that reconstruction has been limited to shape until now. It’s time to expand the definition to restoring sensation too.

Ivica Ducic, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Axogen
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Patient Resource Guide

If you’re undergoing a mastectomy and considering your breast reconstruction options, find out whether the Resensation technique can help potentially restore breast sensation.
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How Resensation® helped one mom feel her daughter’s touch. 

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