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Changing the paradigm of breast reconstruction

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What to Expect in Recovery from Breast Neurotization with resensation®

While choosing to have a mastectomy is a difficult decision, it’s followed by many other questions. Will you have breast…

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What is Breast Neurotization with resensation® ?

If you’re online researching mastectomy after breast cancer, you’ll find lots of helpful articles to help you navigate through this…

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Axogen CEO Karen Zaderej speaks on stage to Axogen employees at a conference.
Returning sensation and changing the paradigm of breast reconstruction

Undergoing a mastectomy can present a life-saving opportunity for women faced with breast cancer. Yet mastectomies come with long-term side…

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What Is Autologous (Free Flap) Breast Reconstruction with resensation®?

Women face many choices when it comes to their breast cancer treatment, and one of the most important ones is…

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Losing Breast Sensation After A Mastectomy

For many women, the decision to undergo a mastectomy can be life-saving. But like many surgeries, there may be side…

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